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Events at Redbourn House Day Nursery

Theme activities at Redbourn Childrens Nursery

Up & Coming Events

Our theme activities and events are a fantastic way to involve all the babies, children and staff in fun and sociable activities.


Summer term Events Calendar




EVENT – Summer  Term





Redbourn Bake off
Children will be baking throughout the day and decorating their scrummy creations


Mon 29th-
Friday 3rd June


Half term
Nursery closed for funded session children




10-11.30 am

Father’s day tea
Dads, uncles, granddads join us for an afternoon of activities and a special tea





Superhero Day
Come and join us for a day dressed up as your superhero



Duck Hatching week
We will be exploring the life cycle of a duckling throughout the week and watching the real life ducks hatching and have some fun with us






Redbourn Strawberry Fair
Face painting at Redbourn school fair




Mini Sports Activities
Open House play session for registered and non-registered children. Come and join us in the garden for sporty activities



End of summer term
Nursery closed for funded session children. We say good bye to some children transitioning to big school



Parents Invited Days

If your child attends nursery on these days then this is an opportunity for you to come in to nursery and spend time with your child. We will host these events each term and vary the days of the week so all children and families will have the opportunity to take part.


We also want to extend the invite to any new parents who would like to join in with any event published here and want you to know you are all very welcome.


My daughter absolutely loves it at Redbourn House Day Nursery and sometimes won't go home at pick up time.


She loves the fun activities and interactive learning approach! It's a very friendly environment with real live animals in the back garden! Beat that!


Samuel Tonga


Fun Activities at Redbourn Nursery

Redbourn House Nursery


Suggestion box for event ideas

If you have any ideas for fun, educational and creative events that Redbourn Nursery can get involved with, please contact us with your suggestions


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