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Redbourn House Nursery, in Hertforshire

Explore Redbourn House Day Nursery

Redbourn House Day Nursery

Explore Redbourn House Day Nursery



Our under 1s are cared for in our baby room until they are confident walkers, at which point they stay in Ladybirds or we move them to our toddler room. 

Ladybirds is divided into well-defined areas allowing plenty of space to for our babies and under 3's to learn, play, eat and rest. 

Childcare for babies in Redbourn



Our Bumblebees room provides a wonderfully spacious and safe environment for early walkers and children up to 3 years old to explore together.  


Childcare for toddlers in Redbourn



A hub of activity, structure and fun learning for our inspiring pre-school children. 


Our pre-school room is divided into well-defined “learning areas”, each equipped with resources that focus on a particular area of learning.


These include: emergent writing, mathematics, reading, information technology, role play, construction and many other activities.


Click here for more information on providing care and education for over pre-school age children.


After School Club

We run an after-school club for school age children. We can also arrange to collect and drop off your children from Redbourn Infant and Junior School.  We also run a holiday club.


Please contact us for more details.

Outdoor Play Area

All of our babies and children share access to a creative, fun and secure outdoor play area designed to encourage social interaction, imaginative play and develop key life skills for the future.  


We also have a separate play area for our babies, fully equipped with age-appropriate toys, allowing babies to play and explore safely, away from the older children.

Organic Kitchen

Our on-site organic kitchen is a great way to encourage and teach our babies and children about the importance of healthy eating, and teaching the older children to appreciate a wide range of food by having a go at cooking and baking themselves. 


Click here for more information on healthy eating for children.