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Outdoor activities at Redbourn Childrens Nursery

Redbourn House Childrens Nursery

Explore our truly unique learning opportunities for babies & children 

At Redbourn House Day Nursery we offer a rich and varied range of activities across all our age groups that are specifically designed to be fun, interactive and confidence building. 

Our child & baby friendly activities include painting, cooking, singing, story-time, messy play, dressing up and role play.  In addition, Redbourn House Day Nursery is delighted to offer children and babies a variety of extra learning opportunities, unique to our nursery, these include:


Our Organic Kitchen

Providing children with a fantastic opportunity to learn about healthy and delicious food; getting to know about different food groups, what they look and feel like and how they taste. 



Our Lovely, Free-Range Chickens

A huge hit with all of our children, including our babies.  Animals are a great way to teach children to be respectful, caring and thoughtful towards others and the children love to feed, handle and interact with the chickens.  An added bonus are the delicious free-range eggs they produce on a daily basis and that the children are encouraged to take home.



French, Yoga, Drama and Music Lessons

All of our pre-school children have access to French, yoga, drama and music lessons taught by specialist teachers.  These extra curricular activities are designed to be fun and interactive, as well as providing structure and opportunities for self expression into the children's daily routine.



We like to take the children out for walks to the local park in Redbourn and in the summer months we organise classes, picnics and afternoon tea on the common.


The Redbourn House Day Nursery management team have a clear vision and are very committed to continually developing the provision. They evaluate the nursery and take well-targeted steps to address any areas they identify for improvement.


Ofsted Report 2013


Learning opportunities at Redbourn Childrens Nursery


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